What we treat

Wantirna Osteopathy is a modern, friendly medical practice whose Osteopaths and Remedial Masseurs help thousands of patients with their musculoskeletal aches and pains. Wantirna Osteopathy has developed a great reputation amongst local sporting clubs in managing and treating all sporting injuries and improving performance.

Wantirna Osteopathy currently has six fully qualified and registered Osteopaths – Dr. Jason Stone, Dr. Caroline Teh, Dr. Patrick Lee, Dr. Andrew Jacobs, Dr. Drew Blatchford and Dr. Christa Marlow.

We pride ourselves on excellent service and results, endeavouring to have patients pain free and back in action as quickly as possible. Consultations are ‘hands on’ and always offer advice on home management.

Our qualified Osteopaths can refer for Xray, Ultrasound and MRI and can provide appropriate braces and supports where required. Osteopathic treatment is suitable for all ages, babies to the elderly.


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Lowback Pain and ‘Sciatica’

The majority of people will suffer from some form of lowback pain in their life and many will experience the symptoms of sciatica as well. Sciatica is a condition where pain is not only evident in the back but is referred also into areas of the buttocks, thigh and lower leg MORE...

Head in pain

Headaches and Migraines

It is highly likely that everyone has suffered from a headache or migraine. There are so many forms and so many causes but the one common denominator is that muscular tension and joint stiffness in the neck are usually present. MORE...


Sports Injuries

Muscular flexibility and Joint range of motion are taken for granted by most people and rarely a major focus in fitness and training regimes, yet they are the major precursor to injury and a limiting factor to sporting performance MORE...

Group of five happy children jumping outdoors.

Osteopathy for Children

“Kids are made of rubber they don’t need to see an osteopath!!” This is a very common belief throughout the adult population and to a degree there is some truth in it. Children have amazing resilience and healing abilities MORE...

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Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is rapidly becoming an epidemic! It appears that the constant reliance on computers and extensive hours spent behind the steering wheel is now starting to take its toll. MORE...

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Heel and Arch Pain

Painful feet are very debilitating. Pain in the heel area is especially common and may be associated with a calcaneal spur, usually referred to as a heel spur. MORE...

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Knee Pain

Knee pain is very distressing and greatly debilitating. There are so many degrees and causes of knee pain and so much public awareness due to the high incidence in sporting arenas. MORE...