Active Taping

grip itMany of our patients are walking out a more colourful than before with the addition of Gripit tape products to our treatment rooms. Over the last 6 months our staff have attended workshops on application methods and implications for using Gripit tape. Gripit Active tape is produced from an Australian owned company StrapIt. This active tape has great applications in returning patients from injury.

It can be considered the “functional tape” assisting in unloading muscles and joints, reducing pain and enhancing performance and recovery. Gripit Active is a low allergenic (no latex or zinc oxide) smooth & comfortable to wear multi-directional stretch tape. Gripit Active comprises of a blend of nylon and cotton cloth giving it a light and athletic feel which is durable and contours well to the body. It is safe to use on all ages from children through to adults as well as during pregnancy. It is also waterproof and effective over many days, which makes it economical for patients to use.

Gripit Active will allow full movement and as it stretches with movement it can absorb force (load) and slow down movement (reduced eccentric contraction workload). Using the elastic recoil stretch properties, it can therefore be used to transfer the absorbed energy into assisting movement (assist concentric contraction work load). This can be beneficial in reducing pain, improving muscle and joint function and therefore improving movement, power and potentially performance.

Essentially, Gripit Active aids in absorbing load and re-directing it to assist in the line of muscle force, over all decreasing the amount of work a muscle has to do to generate power (decrease muscle work load) and conserve energy.

The major difference with this particular tape over Kinesiology tape is the amount of deloading that can be applied to a joint/muscle/tendon. Put simply it does what we have wanted tape to do for a long time; it helps the patient move more easily. This is in part, due to its extreme elastic recoil and stretch of greater than 250% its length.

So far we have used in clinic for injuries such as shoulder rotator cuff tears, shoulder bursitis, acute low back pain, tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis and achilles tendonpathy. Patient feedback has been extremely positive as it has not only allowed reduction in pain but also increased the speed of recovery.

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