Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

At the end of last year two of our Osteopaths, Drew and Jason, attended a 3 day course FMSon Functional Movement Screening. At Wantirna Osteopathy we are always striving to offer our patients the best possible care. This course was focussed primarily on people not in pain but leading active lifestyles or looking to start a new exercise regime.   One of the major factors for attending was the amount of professional sports teams that have adopted the screening process over the last 5-7 years.

What is it?

Functional Movement screen is focussed on improving performance, fitness, rehabilitation and management of injury risk in active people. It will identify movement dysfunction quickly and with the help of our qualified Osteopaths produce a targeted plan to restore healthy movement patterns.

  • The screen consists of 7 basic movement tests that require balance mobility and stability.
  • Highlights compensatory movement patterns in otherwise non painful athletes
  • Has a ranking and grading system of movement patterns that are key to normal function.
  • A score is produced in order to track progress and target areas that require attention and improvement.
  • The system allows easy application of the most beneficial corrective exercises

For example someone who is apparently able to squat double legged but struggles to lift one leg above 90 degrees when laying on their back is compensating for that lack of movement elsewhere in the overall movement pattern. The screen will break down complex movements into basic components quickly and allow assessment of true function. If you had the opportunity to improve movement at a basic level then complex patterns of movement will become more efficient.

Is FMS for me?

Are you about to start training for a 5km fun run; are you in pre season training? Anyone who is pain free and looking at taking up a new exercise regimen would benefit from the screening process. It will highlight any areas that may be deficient and potentially lead to injury.

Who uses it?

The system has been in place in many professional sporting organisations including the NFL, the Atlanta Falcons who were in this year’s Superbowl have been using the system to identify movement dysfunctions and susceptibility to injury for many years. Many attribute their lower injury rate to the Functional movement screen and exercise prescription process.

Several teams from the English Premier League and Series A Soccer are regular advocates of the screen for prevention of injury in their players. The US armed services are also regularly screening, including the US Navy Seals to ensure optimal performance from all their personnel. Recently the Denver fire department implemented FMS and the work compensation claims decreased by 42%.  At Wantirna Osteopathy we are excited to implement FMS with our athletes returning from surgeries such as ACL reconstructions and Rotator cuff repair.

How much?

The FMS – will take about 20 minutes. Once our Osteopath has analysed your movement patterns they will send you an email of the results and what areas you may need to target, areas for improvement and any major asymmetry of movements. This initial screening process is charged at $85

Follow up appointments to run through rehabilitative exercises will be charged at our standard appointment fee $85 and go for 30 minutes.

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