Osteopathy and Soccer Injuries

With World Cup Fever building, it is highly likely injuries playing with a soccer ball will be on the increase.  Whilst the soccer season is in the thick of it, no doubt there will be many Socceroo inspired desk jockeys also hitting the local parks over the coming months.

Even though ankle and knee injuries are prevalent in soccer it’s the injuries due to poor preparation and over excitement that osteopaths  also regularly see.  For those of you sitting at a desk 40 hours a week and in a car or train 2 hours a day, putting on a pair of runners is not enough preparation!

The dynamics of twisting and turning, running and kicking put a lot of strain on the lowback, hips and pelvis, especially if you are quite sedentary most of the week.  It is therefore extremely important to work on the muscular flexibility and joint mobility in these regions and not to over exert yourself on the first outing.

In preparing yourself to ‘bend it like Beckham’ and ‘score like Tim Cahill’ here’s some tips:

– go for a light jog first 5- 10 mins

– stretch your:

gluteals              low back                         psoas

buttocks                                            low back                                     hip flexors

hamstrings                  quads                   calf on wall

hamstrings                                  quadriceps                                      calves


– 5-10 minutesof a more dynamic warm up e.g suicides, run throughs.

– warm up your skillsover shorter distances and moderate intensity for 10 -15 minutes.

Whilst most people are likely to warm up before kicking the cover off the ball it’s the recovery that is probably more important and frequently overlooked.  To reduce the likelihood of muscular tension and soreness occurring over the coming days it is imperative to wind your intensity back at the end of the session and repeat the aforementioned stretches.  The common error is to stop abruptly, stand around chatting or go straight back to the desk.

On the days between exercise continue these stretches to increase your mobility and performance and reduce your chances of injury.

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