What is Osteopathic Treatment?

The primary objective of osteopathic treatment is to correct faults in the body’s mechanics to normalise the body’s structure and function. The body has an inherent tendency to heal itself. Its inbuilt ‘repair kit’ performs best when the body is mechanically sound as it allows for the best circulation of blood and other fluids, the best delivery of nutrients and removal of waste products and the best nervous conductivity. This works to assist, accelerate and enhance the natural healing process.

The principle therapeutic approach to osteopathic treatment is wholistic, hands-on, non-invasive, gentle and pain relieving. It employs a diversity of techniques including soft-tissue massage, joint mobilisation and manipulation, myofascial stretching and gentle indirect procedures, making treatment safe for people of all ages including children and the elderly

The osteopath relies on physical examination, observation and highly developed palpatory skills to form a diagnosis and decide on the most appropriate course of treatment. They recognise the importance of modern medicine and technology and may refer for further investigations where appropriate.