Staying Healthy is not a Luxury

People spend a great deal more time and money hurting their bodies than they do caring for it!

For some reason we have decided that it is more important to spend our money on alcohol, cigarettes, junk food and other substances that are damaging our body, whilst eating healthy, going to the gym or getting a massage are deemed as luxurious.

If we treated our cars like we do our bodies they wouldn’t last a week.

As an osteopath I am commonly seeing the accumulative result of lack of attention to our bodies. Generally, when people have no pain they take their health for granted but when pain arises it is hugely inconvenient and needs to be fixed immediately. Furthermore, once people feel better they generally go back to their old ways and continue to abuse their bodies again. This may sound very cynical and negative but unfortunately it is quite true and most of you will relate to what I’m saying.

So what’s the solution?

You only have one body so look after it.

Nutrition wise – take the burden off your liver, lungs and digestive system occasionally and make some healthier choices.

Mentally – ‘stop and smell the roses’, become less reliant on alcohol and food to make you happy.

Physically – take time to do some exercise, stretch and consider getting a massage or seeing an osteopath.

If you have children, educate them now. All children learn to brush their teeth in a bid to make it second nature and less of a burden when they get older, why not do the same with stretching?

Next time you open your wallet at a restaurant or bottle shop think about the effect on your body, likewise, when you get home after an exhausting day consider how tight your muscles are and give them a stretch.

Keeping yourself healthy is not a luxury it is a necessity.

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