Lowback Pain and ‘Sciatica’

The majority of people will suffer from some form of lowback pain in their life and many will experience the symptoms of sciatica as well. Sciatica is a condition where pain is not only evident in the back but is referred also into areas of the buttocks, thigh and lower leg.

Lowback pain alone is often caused by tight, inflamed or spasmed muscles and usually associated with joint stiffness and inflammation. Sciatica can be produced from the same structures but can also be a result of disc buldge, disc hernaition, degeneration of the spine, masses in the spine and pelvic misalignment.

A common cause of lowback pain and sciatica is poor muscular flexibility due to repetitive sedentary lifestyle.

Many hours spent at a desk or behind a steering wheel lead to joints and muscles becoming chronically restricted. Usually a simple task like brushing your teeth or picking up a sock can set off back pain because the muscles and joints are to stiff to move in the forward bending direction. A person with poor low back flexibility (particularly bending forward) is at great risk of serious pain and possible sciatica when undertaking more strenuous activity like gardening, running , tennis etc.

As our days are predominantly spent sitting and standing the low back becomes straighter and left untreated will become more and more difficult to bend forward. Not only is back pain likely to occur but more strain is placed on the buttocks and hamstrings (back of thighs) when bending.